Patrol Script (attached to fighter Chigaco 27) -- a slight variation
on newday
  repeat until I am inside a city
    move 1 toward nearest city
    if I am near enemy transport than attack enemy transport
  end repeat
  move 5 bearing 215°
  repeat 5 times
    move 1 in any direction
    if I am near enemy then beep
  end repeat
end newday

Script of menu selection "Patrol"
clear movement code of current piece
inquire startloc,endloc of patrol vector
repeat until distance from startloc to endloc is not greater than range of current piece / 2
  Warn "That patrol is too long for the range of that" type of current piece
  inquire startloc,endloc of patrol vector of current piece
end repeat
set targetloc of current piece to endloc of current piece
define movement code for current piece
on newday
  repeat forever
    repeat until I reach targetloc
      move 1 toward targetloc
      if I am near enemy piece than pause for manual intervention
    end repeat
    if targetloc equals startloc
      then set targetloc to endloc
      else set targetloc to startloc
  end repeat
end newday
execute movement code for current piece