Date: 1989-08-25
From: John
Subject: Archipelago Conquest

Archipelago, Volume 8, John Card Number 12


As we agreed I will continue to jot down ideas as they occur to me and I trust you will do the same.

  • My cousin Dave suggested the idea of a capital city, perhaps the starting city. The enemy would not know which one it was, but if he takes it he wins (and vice versa).
  • How about advance production schedules so that when a city finishes making a carrier it can automatically start on, say, a battleship instead of mindlessly churning out the same thing over and over? Or perhaps we could enter a prioritized list of armaments and the city could automatically pull items from the list unless we override the default.
  • As we discussed on the tape, we need to find better ways of tracking recent enemy activity. Perhaps we could hold down some special key to temporarily display the most recent enemy sightings in a region along with the area of possible current location.
  • Maybe jets or other pieces could be directed to automatically hunt for a particular enemy piece just sighted, or to systematically comb an area for subs. In other words, we could have a set of pre-programmed macro like search patterns. Maybe users could add their own macros in some sort of Strategic Command Language.
  • I have yet to uncover a really good name for this project. Ideas anyone?
A final note: To what extent should we be striving for realism in this game? Should we tolerate some nonsensical rules for the sake of simplicity or more exciting battles?

Also please find enclosed a 2.0 game file. Level 11! Have at it!