Date: 1992-05-03
From: John
Subject: Alex Note

My Dear Mr. Duk:

Hope your weekend in Zion went well. Betsy and I are just leaving to attend a wedding and HOPE to be back by nine (Pacific Time). If I don't make it back in time for our Alexander meeting, please leave an e-mail note with whatever thoughts you have.

I have two subjects occupying my mind at the moment. First, as I try to update and edit the current Alexander journal, I realize that it's already out of hand and that we need a much better design for the new version. Last time we agreed I should hold the master copy. But we also need to think more about what kind of features we need in an interactive project journal.

There are three rather different parts: the history, the working notes, and a current spec document. Each may require a different design. I'll have more to say on this subject the next time we talk.

My second subject is the smoothing algorithm. The central problem here is that I need something to smooth in order to test my idea. That is, I need some kind of map I can get at under HyperCard. I can either (slowly) generate my own (in which case I'll need you to remind me what parameters we settled on), or else I can access something that your program generates for me, such as a text file containing an array of 1s and 2s. Your thoughts?

Hope to talk to you soon.

Yours in HASTE,