Date: 1994-02-09
From: John
Subject: Pieces in Context

My Dear Mr. Duk:

Attached is a stuffed PICT which attempts to show what a three-way Alexander battle might look like using the new piece designs on a smoothed map. You will notice that I've also added a world view floating palette. The maps for both the palette and the main battle window were derived from your latest Alex program (with help from Photoshop, OracleCard, and Superpaint).

What program are you using to view these picts? Don't use Photoshop; for some reason PICT files like this one do not display properly from inside photoshop (on 8 bit monitors anyway).

Tell me what you think. I filled the map with an unusually large number of pieces engaged in a heated three-way battle to test how easy it is to discrimate among them. I'm beginning to have doubts about the idea of lighting up all squares within range of a given piece - for fighters the 20-unit radius circle would extend far beyond what would fit in a window using 24x20 pieces. Still, I think the overall effect is promising.

Yours in haste,