Date: 1996-01-28
From: John
Subject: Conquest 4.0!

My Dear Mr. Duk:

The rumors of a new Conquest 4.0 *appear* to be true. We had dinner with Eliott and Janine last night, and Eliott said he had stopped by the Delta Tau booth at MacWorld Expo. He saw a demo of version 4, which had much improved graphics, artillery, and helicopters!

I immediately phoned Mac Connection. After talking with the operator it was not crystal clear whether or not they were in fact selling the new edition. There was nothing in her computer to indicate any change since 1993 except that the title did say Stategic Conquest Plus Version 4.0. On the strength of that I placed an order, which should arrive on Tuesday.

I'll keep you posted!

Yours in haste,