Date: 1996-06-29
From: John
Subject: Victory

My Dear Mr. Duk:

I just won my very first game of Strategic Conquest 4.0 (level ten). Turns out that when you win they've added an interesting new touch. All of the cities in 4.0 are given names (New York, Phoenix, Vladivostok, etc.). If you win a game, the program lets you name your own city and then adds that city name to the list from that time forward. So from now on, somewhere on the map will be a city named "Cartania."

As I mentioned in a previous note, 4.0 uses an improved algorithm to generate its continents. Having played 110 days I am now able to see most of a world map. I have attached a GIF screenshot to this message - please let me know if you A) received it in tact, and B) were able to view it.

Tape also arrived today; I should be able to get a reply sent by Monday.

Yours in haste (always in haste even when idle),