Date: 1997-03-17
From: John
Subject: RE: Queue-based Alexander Algorithm

My Dear Mr. Duk:

After some hunting I was unable to find my old plotting program, so I wrote a new one in about five minutes (Hypertalk is *such* a nice language). The program opens the standard file dialog to let you select any text file, clears and plots it on a 640x480 canvas with small black squares for land, then copies the image into the clipboard. I can then open Photoshop to colorize it (I also added black outlines to the land squares) with 3 or 4 mouse clicks.

I have attached a GIF version - if BMP (or anything else) would be more convenient just let me know. I picked a dark green for land and a light blue (almost cyan) for water - if you'd prefer stark black and white you have only to ask.

Now that the trial run is complete, I should be able to turn around maps on short notice. You can send your request either to my home or work accounts. I'm eager to see what kind of continents you come up with!

Yours in haste,