Date: 1997-03-19
From: John
Subject: RE: GIF Generation Process

My Dear Mr. Duk:

Attached is a GIF file with a side-by-side comparison of continent world and island world. My technique for generating these puppies is as follows:

First I use my five minute HyperCard program to produce a black-and-white image in which the "L" values are represented as 4x4 pixel blocks; the image is automatically placed in the clipboard. I then open PhotoShop and paste the image. In order to colorize the image I select all the black pixels, turn them dark green, then use the stroke function to surround each block with a one pixel black outline. Finally, I select all the white pixels and turn them light blue. The resulting image is indexed to 4 bit color and saved as a GIF.

If you wish to include my name in a footnote, feel free to add my URL. For example, "Graphics by John Cartan (http://www.sirius.com/~jcartan)"

Yours in haste,

Epicurious J.