Date: 1992-06-14
From: Paul
Subject: Alexander #2

Just to show that I haven't been wholly idle, here's a just-barely-partially-functional Continent Generator, hot off the presses. It's just possible that it will generate continents on your machine, too; let me know.

Operations known to be highly likely to annoy the software:

  • Scrolling by page rather than by line
  • Resizing the window
Continent generation takes about 2 seconds on my machine (draw time is additional).

Having upgraded my machine a few days ago to 7.0.1, it appears my system may be virus-infected. So check out the attached Stuffit file carefully before using it. The only symptoms so far are that pressing the "Shift" key alone five times in a row causes an electronic sound to play. The next four presses on the shift key cause three quiet beeps, and the next press causes the first sound's "inverse" to play (the first sound is an ascending tone; the last is descending).

On second thought, this may have nothing to do with the system upgrade, which was done from official Apple distribution. Anyway, have you heard of symptoms like these?

Having had no response from you on the subject of rescheduling the weekly conference, I will plan on signing on shortly after 10 tonight to check for your presence. If you aren't there, I'll try again Wednesday at 10:30.