Date: 1993-08-04
From: Paul
Subject: Remembering Alexander...

My new Symantec C++ arrived yesterday. Just for grins, I spent an evening or so getting the old Alexander to compile and run under it. This was moderately difficult, as many things have changed from the previous release. Actually, there's one big difference: the new compiler does fairly strict parameter checking. It's even possible that this checking caught some bugs in my code. Anyway, it generated lots of compile-time errors in my code which cost some hours of time to fix.

At this point I've made *no* enhancements to the code. It does seem to be a bit faster, though I'm not positive of this. I generated a dozen or two maps, and the code seems to work on my machine so long as I don't:
- resize the world
- scroll, except by line

So for fun, I'm sending you the executable. It's optimized for a non-FPU 68020+ CPU; is this you? It's also sized for my monitor; what's your monitor size in pixels? On my machine, it takes a second or two to start painting the map, and a couple seconds maybe to finish. What's your performance?

There's no stopping us now!


P.S. Just to properly set expectations: expect the next release to about coincide with the next release of the compiler...