Date: 1993-10-21
From: Paul
Subject: Re: Alex Maps Stack

Was that you on-line earlier this evening trying to get my attention? I was in FlashMail, and unable to respond. Either AOL or I am still having trouble, as I later hung while trying to quickly log back on and find whoever was sending me Instant Messages. It doesn't help any that the new software has me connecting at 1200 baud. What an insult! Ah, well.

The stack downloaded fine. I very much like the logo/icon combination at the top of the screen: this is Good Stuff. To my surprise, I have no strong opinions on the 18x14 vs. 20x16 debate. The latter works out to an information loss of about 10% relative to the former, which seems acceptable to me if there's a valid graphical need for more detail at the adddressable unit level.

Also, I wouldn't be averse to supporting THREE resolutions (can you believe I'm saying this?): world view, detail view - say 20x16, and an intermediate "condensed" view - say something like 10x8. The idea would be to allow play from either of the latter two resolutions, depending on the user's momentary whim/need. Of course if 10x8 appears unusable and 20x16 is really not required I would gladly forget this feature. What do you think?

The smooting also looks quite nice.