Date: 1993-10-31
From: Paul
Subject: Re: Alex Status

The first few items on my list of yesterday turned out to be easy to turn back on / implement. The attached version adds the following functionality:
  • Multiple world generations per run
  • Save as text ( 0=land, 1=sea; is this consistent with previous versions?)
  • Cell numbers along the borders
  • World is now 100x100 cells. Is this OK with you?
  • Cells are now 18x14 pixels.
No existing bugs have been addressed in this release. This is probably the last release for the next 2-3 weeks, as I'll be out of town.

You ask, "Why is C++ slower?" The answer is simple: more use of handles, and more run-time memory allocation. I'm gratified to hear that the difference is so slight; My early code was taking 10+ seconds to execute on the IIci - substantially slower that the old C code. However, this may also be due in part to bugs recently eradicated.

For the "About" box, I was figuring you would supply me with a DITL or DLOG resource which I would then incorporate as a modal dialog, just as the "Settings" box is done.

I agree that it's not a great move to ask players to enter spark clumping patterns. Still, wouldn't *you* like this right now? What do you want to see in terms of clumping? I think this was your idea in the first place...

Gridlines will appear at some future date. Ditto for color. I've just downloaded some code which should help to explain implementing the latter. But I think we're both more interested in smoothing (right?).