Date: 1994-07-09
From: Paul
Subject: Re: Empire Deluxe

Thanks for your diligent work in digesting this Empire Deluxe game.

It's a dirty job...

  1. Aircraft hovering. It's interesting to compare ED's solution to this problem: Aircraft's movement is much lower that it's range, and complete movement must happen each turn. Fighters can stay out three turns, Bombers four. They can only move six and four units per turn, respectively. I *think* I like fast planes better.
  2. Labels next to cities to show production. Conceptually, I prefer ED's solution: change the city icon to the appropriate piece icon. But either way is better than no way.
  3. Automatic naming. Agreed. Eventually I'll provide a partial list of ED names, for reference.
  4. Relative patrol paths. Agreed. I can't imagine that extending legs per path beyond 4 will be a problem.
  5. Sentry replace Sleep. Agreed.
  6. New commands, script editing. Agreed.
  7. Production retooling penalty. Agreed.
For screen capture, I thought I remembered a tool that would allow me to select the portion of the screen I was interested in. No matter; for now, I grabbed two shots [Empire Map and Status Report] and cropped them down in ColorIt!. These are quickies, from day 1 of the Basic game. Friendly forces are in red, and each side has captured one city. Enjoy, and comment.