Date: 1997-03-17
From: Paul
Subject: RE: Alexander Redux

Come to think of it, maybe it's the size of the file that triggers the UUencoding/junk. Here's a 50x50 map, about the size of the first file sent. The more recent files I sent were 100x100, I think.

Performance numbers:

Abandoning the queue saves lots of time - logical, because my queue algorithm is allocating memory each time a new element is added, whereas my "dynamic array" algorithm allocates enough for the entire array in one statement. Anyway, a 300x300 world takes maybe a second with the array vs. 5 seconds with the queue, both in the debugger with optimizations disabled. For grins, I cranked the array algorithm up to a 1000x1000 cell world with 1500 starting sparks. Debug/No optimizations took 30 seconds - pretty impressive, in my book (of course I realize that the time consuming operations, like smoothing, are yet to come). No debug/optimize for speed took 20 seconds.

My guess is that with Strategic Conquest rules, it would take months to play a game with a map of this size if opponents are evenly matched. I was about to say that we can now generate worlds larger than we'll ever want - but who knows? Maybe when we start our first 100 - player game on the Internet, much larger worlds will be desirable ;-)