Let Me See Your Face

Voice Card  -  Volume 1  -  John Card Number 18  -  Wed, Aug 31, 1988 4:00 AM

One last request. Please send me a photocopy of a photograph of your face. I need a close-up "headshot," that is, a picture of you looking directly into the camera with both sides of your face clearly visible. Passport photos are ideal. The size doesn't matter (as long as your face is at least two inches tall). You can tuck the photocopy into your mailer.

I already have photographs for Holly, Dionne, Paul, and Stuart; I need photos from Robert, Roger, Larry, Cliff, and Tomás. As soon as I receive everyone's pictures, I will digitize them and use them in a variety of ways. If you like, we can add photos to the cards in the member list. Also, I have a fascinating use for such pictures which I will reveal in a future Mr. Wizard column (some of you can already guess). There are a number of other uses. As an added bonus, each of you will receive a paint file version of your face which you can use for startup screens or personalized stationery or whatever.

Incidentally, my trusty Thunderscan digitizer is at your service; if you need something digitized just include a photocopy in the mail and I'll do my best. If anyone else has nifty gadgets that could perform a similar service for the group (such as a sound digitizer or a plotter or something) speak up!