Voice Card Fiction

Voice Card  -  Volume 1  -  John Card Number 7  -  Mon, Aug 29, 1988 4:20 AM

As part of the continuing experiment in voice card communication, I propose that we start a voice card science fiction thriller! I shall kick off the project by offering the opening paragraph of a story (see next card). Dionne has already responded with a second paragraph. Read these two paragraphs and then respond to either one (or both!) with a third paragraph that continues the story.

My hope is that new paragraphs will appear in each new volume of voice cards and the plot line of our story will branch out in dozens of different directions. In each issue you can pick out the most promising new direction and extend it with yet another paragraph (or stubbornly respond to your own previous paragraph each time). Anything goes, but keep each installment reasonably short. Even if you're not a great writer, it is fun to put characters into impossible situations and then watch other members try to extricate them.

If this works out, I will eventually assemble all the cards into a single HyperEssay stack and we can be the first to create a non-linear group effort sci fi thriller!