My New Fam

Voice Card  -  Volume 10  -  Holly Card Number 8  -  Fri, Nov 3, 1989 11:30 AM

I just have to tell you about my new little family. I am aware, however, that we really don't know much about each others' personal lives and mates, children, etc.

Rick says, "You're crazy enough to marry someone with three kids and what's even more crazy is you think you're happy!" He's right. I am extremely happy.

One Saturday John called me and I was exhausted from a day of housework which came through the phone because he seemed very concerned at the time. I have been working hard and have been very frustrated. The kids thought when they got a new mom they wouldn't have to work anymore - nice try.

I find it exciting to realize that I have very bad days but I still report that I am happy. That is the only form of happiness available. Annoying and/or bad things always happen but they don't have to ruin everything.

Joshua is 7. Except for his dimples he looks like he could be my kid. In fact, I often feel very much like him. He likes to daydream (my favorite thing) and wonder about things. He can ask millions of questions in rapid fire without any apparent connection in subject matter. He loves Gilligan's Island, hugs, jokes, Archie and gang and computers (he is working on Dark Castle). His birthday is the day before mine.

One day he cried over a wilted flower. I'm afraid he has a sensitive heart. Because he daydreams and doesn't think before he acts he is seen as a troublemaker by some. We are trying to teach him timing as in how to be funny.

The girls, Marjorie and Elisabeth, are twins and they are six. All three are 15 months apart, i.e., Irish Triplets. Twins are an interesting phenomena. People make a big deal out of it for freak reasons. I can tell them apart both by personality, looks and mannerisms. Marjorie expresses with her eyes and the upper part of her face and Elisabeth expresses with her mouth and the lower part of her face. I get annoyed when people like their teachers and relatives can't tell them apart.

They have magic qualities. One will be on my lap and the other will be across the room drawing or something. Later I will look and they have switched places and I can't recall when it happened. They also switch personalities, I have seen the switch once but Rick says it happens often. And once in a great while they do look exactly alike and I have to blink to get the perspective back again.