Voice Card  -  Volume 10  -  John Card Number 17  -  Fri, Nov 17, 1989 4:46 AM

By now you should have noticed a HIGHLY nifty new feature present on all voice cards: the WORD-O-METER!

The Word-O-Meter resides where the Reply 12 button used to be, and displays the number of words in the current voice card text field. The speedometer-like meter displays the approximate "fullness" of a card, with full being a thousand or more words, half-full being about 500 words, etc.

The meter is automatically reset every time you enter text into or change the contents of the text field. You can also "recalibrate" it at any time by clicking on the Word-O-Meter button. TRY IT NOW!

The Word-O-Meter allows you to tell at a glance whether a card is a brief note or a weighty tome. I have plans to add a tree structure button in place of the Reply 11 box; this will leave room for ten replies per card.