Your scissors won't cut

Voice Card  -  Volume 10  -  John Card Number 22  -  Sat, Nov 18, 1989 9:55 AM

This is a response to Vol 10 Paul 7 ("Cut and Paste")...


I suspect that the reason you had trouble cutting and pasting from an old voice volume is that the text fields of old voice volumes are locked.

I think the reason I did that was to help preserve the text from alterations or accidental erasure. Locked fields also make it possible to jump to card tags just by clicking once on the tag. Nevertheless, it now seems clear that this was a bad idea. It is more important to be able to cut and paste with ease.

Unfortunately, this "feature" will be rather difficult to remove. Practically every script in the stack checks the status of the text field in order to distinguish old volumes from the current volume. I will endeavor to remedy this in version 2.0.

MEANWHILE, you still have your problem. The work-around is as follows:

  1. Move to the desired card.
  2. Summon the menubar ( space).
  3. Click on the field tool (it's in the upper right corner of the pallette).
  4. Double Click on the text field.
  5. Turn off the Lock Text checkbox and hit the OK button.
  6. Choose the browse (finger) tool.
At this point, all the fields in that volume are unlocked and you may select, copy (C), and paste (P) to your heart's content. BUT, if you want to maintain the pristine condition of your stack (without some cards being marked as read, etc), you should re-lock the text field before leaving the card.

If you want to copy the ENTIRE text of an old card, there is an easier way. Simply move to the card, summon the message box (M), and type "Select text of field 3". Then type C to copy it to the clipboard. This method does not disturb the field, but copies ALL of the text.

A royal pain? I guess so. Sorry about that.