Mail Order Goodies

Voice Card  -  Volume 10  -  John Card Number 6  -  Fri, Oct 27, 1989 8:57 PM

Roger and Tomás:

While browsing through various catalogs in search of Hiragana stuff for Larry, I ran across several items that might interest each of you.

From EDUCORP, a public domain stack:

  • DIABETES (on disk #7633): A well-designed stack for diabetics. Stores, graphically displays, and performs a simple statistical analysis of blood sugar levels over time.
For Roger, some raw word lists from ILLUMIND, 571 BELDEN ST., STE. A, MONTEREY, CA 93940-1307:
  • MOBY WORDS® $79: The biggest English word list in the world! Over 530,000 unique, correctly spelled entries.
  • MOBY® PART-OF-SPEECH $149: For complete parsing of English texts. Never before available. Over 200,000 words with prioritized part(s)-of-speech.
  • MOBY® PRONUNCIATOR $199: For perfect text-to-speech drivers (even distinguishes part-of-speech). Over 150,000 words with IPA and stress marks.
Specify MS-DOS or MAC format. 30% off if you order all three. Hyphenator list also available.