Hello Card  -  Volume 10  -  Roger Card Number 0  -  Wed, Nov 1, 1989 3:15 PM

Hello fellow Pelagonians:

The days are relatively quiet out here in Alameda lately. I haven't felt a quake up to 3 level in the last two days and the subject "Did you feel something?" hasn't been asked for a couple of days. About the only effects to the house here due to the 7.1 earthquake was that the lights dimmed twice and for long enought to cause the computer to restart and a tape fell off of the shelf onto the floor with a loud clatter. Oh Yes, and most of the TV stations and radio station were off the air for 3 or four hours.

How did it effect you, Suzanne?

Larry, You were the closest of any of us to the epicenter of the quake. How did it effect you?

Halloween was much more alive this time than in the last few years with many more kids on the street, more costumes and the candy went faster. What was it about this year that made it more social? Was it the gregariousness resulting from the aftereffects of the quake? Was it busier in other parts of the country?