Hello Card  -  Volume 10  -  Stuart Card Number 0  -  Thu, Nov 2, 1989 10:44 PM

Greetings, fellow Ponarvians.

Ohio has been beautiful this fall. Nice warm Indian summer days, the leaves a cacophony of reds and oranges, a Halloween of kids and yet still more kids. So far, we like it here in Ohio.

The job is gobs better than the one I had at Cal Poly. For one thing I have a Macintosh in my office, where before all I could wrangle was a broken manual typewriter.

The computer is a used Mac Plus (I noticed that the new guy in math that they hired along with me got a brand new Mac SE 30), though the powers that be here at old Ohio State had no compunctions whatsoever about writing me out a $670.00 purchase order for an external hard drive when I told them I needed one for the literary magazine that I'm editing. So now all of a sudden I have this Rodime 45 megabyte hard drive. I also got a free copy of Aldus Page Maker in the deal, too, not to mention other little goodies such as access to a laser printer.

Life is funny sometimes. Still, I'd give up my hard drive before you could say "what's telemetry?" if I could get back to immersing myself in poetry again. Lately, it's been catch as catch can on the poetry writing front, though I've been doing PoetryBiz stuff such as sending out my manuscript to publishers like a good scout should.

So, in short, my cuddly little ponarvians, life in the eastern reaches of Archipelago Land is busy but good. Here's hoisting a frosty one to you wishing you all well. Ta ta.