A Close Call

Voice Card  -  Volume 11  -  John Card Number 9  -  Wed, Dec 20, 1989 12:36 AM

I finally got around to playing the 10/89 Conquest game, and as Paul reported, it was challenging. I did manage to win, but it took me 178 days. I doff my helmet to Paul, who managed the same feat in only 165 days.

The map at left gives some indication of my circuitous campaign. I moved south from my starting position and almost immediately made contact with the enemy. I falsely assumed that this first continent was the enemy's home base, and I moved quickly to contain them. I then noticed an enemy presence on an island to the east and once again moved to contain them. My heart sank when the last enemy city on this island fell and yet the enemy still did not surrender.

I began moving eastward and found another continent, and then another, and yet another, each one more crowded than the last. The front moved steadily forward, and at no time did the enemy retake a continent once I made a landing. But the sheer number of enemy continents delayed my victory until day 178. All in all, a splendid game!