It was a good idea

Voice Card  -  Volume 12  -  Roger Card Number 1  -  Mon, Apr 3, 1989 5:17 PM

This should have been a response to Vol 11 John 15.


Here is what I got from your answer to the three points:

  1. I would run screaming into the night from any dreary marriage because I need a touch of madness.
  2. I like instability, it's my thing.
  3. Mom wouldn't do it anyway.
This would appear to me to mean:
  1. I don't want to get married.
  2. I like excitement.
  3. Mom wouldn't do it if I didn't want it done.
I don't believe that it is possible for two people to live together for a long time without having a lot of routine and unexciting time (which people used to excitement as a way of life would call drab and dreary). Combine this with the statements: "I would run screaming into the night (from a dreary marriage)" or "I need a touch of madness (to protect me from the dreariness of a marriage)" says to me that you are really saying "I don't want the responsibility of doing all the routine things that make a marriage work, I just want the fun part."

Take a quick detour to that previous discussion where you explained that I was one of the type that likes to walk in an unexciting plateau world while you are the type that like to climb to peaks and fall off cliffs in a rugged mountainous world (although you didn't phrase it exactly that way). I would explain the difference between the two of us slightly different.

I am the type that when confronted by the route from city A to City B, would take the straight level flat road and plod non stop until I reached City B in time for dinner (probably oblivious of the mountains, and valleys on both sides of the road) while you would not worry about getting to city B before nightfall and would take the trail that wound by the snowy mountain peak, the hot steamy desert and the waterfall, even though you were not quite sure that the road was going to end at your destination.

I just wanted to point out that if you had a female friend along, she would probaby get hungry and cold that evening if the City B didn't appear by dusk (and most of the females that I knew wanted the certainty of the dinner most of the time.)