The Japan That Can Say No

Book Card  -  Volume 13  -  Book Review Number 3  -  Fri, Mar 23, 1990 11:03 PM

TITLE: The Japan That Can Say No: The New U.S. - Japan Relations Card
AUTHOR: Akio Morita & Shintaro Ishihara
PUBLISHER: Published in Japan by Konbusha Publishing Ltd.

"The Japan That Can Say No" was never meant for American readership. Written by the chairman of Sony and a Japanese politician, this book gained notoriety in this country after its discovery by various members of our government.

I recently obtained a bootleg copy of this book, perhaps translated by the CIA. Interested? Then you will be glad to hear that I enclose elsewhere in this issue a computer-readable copy of this translation, rendered into a 67-page MacWrite document.

Please do NOT try to read this on your computer screen - it's far too long. Instead, print the document and read your copy. And please - DO take the time to print and read "The Japan That Can Say No" - it's well worth the effort.