What the Wolf King Saw

Voice Card  -  Volume 13  -  Stuart Card Number 3  -  Sun, Apr 1, 1990 9:01 PM

In the last poem from The Body Bestiary, we returned to the geniis and the wolf king. At the end of the poem the wolf king found the sun's bedroom and peeked inside.

This current poem is entitled "The Sun's Bedroom: The Aged Genii Tells What It Was the Wolf King Saw".

(I suggest you expand the screen to full size so the lines won't be scrunched up).

The Sun's Bedroom: The Aged Genii Tells What It Was The Wolf King Saw:

". . .Between the damp sheets in the lairs of humans,
In their unearthly cities where they are most
A part of the animals, Love, from the harsh end
Of the planet, rises from the nebulaic frost
Of her beginnings to fill me; her hair, wings, down
Over her shoulders like a God's, she soars -- where the mole gliding
Slips to where night comes; where, through the windows
Of her apartment, watched by its gargoyles' gleaming
Eyes, I sang in my heart's pulsing chambers;
Where the caught mouse sails as the owl receives whiteness; where

the wolf
On the moon hills and whales from the wave cliffs find power -- she
In the language I yearn to know, to hug like a raft;
In the language sung when the planet again grows. . .;
O, whoever listener you are who hears this, know. . ."