Lovers seek damages

Voice Card  -  Volume 14  -  John Card Number 14  -  Mon, Jun 18, 1990 02:32 AM

From an AP news article:

NAPLES, Italy: A couple of car-crossed lovers is suing an insurer for damages, claiming an unplanned pregnancy resulted from an automobile accident in Naples' "love park."

Italian newspapers reported Friday that the claim involves an accident in March involving a medium-sized Regata and a tiny Panda car. The accident occurred in a park that nightly attracts scores of couples who make love in their cars.

The young man claimed he and his girlfriend were engaged in amorous activity in their small car when the large car hit it from behind. The impact momentarily made them lose control, resulting in the pregnancy, La Stampa and La Repubblica newspapers reported.

The suit demands compensation for the cost of repairing the Panda and the cost of the wedding the couple decided to have after discovering the woman was pregnant.