Apples Fell Like Tears

Voice Card  -  Volume 14  -  John Card Number 2  -  Fri, May 18, 1990 07:56 PM

This is a response to Vol 13 John 2 ("Long Distance Call")...

[This is the sixth and final part of "Indefinite Sabbatical"]

It takes an hour just to drop the coins into the C. O. T. Fastbinder has never seen so much rope. Leisurely he strolls down the stairs and gazes out the living room window. His first window in six months. He resolves to return in the Fall.

Amber is sitting at the kitchen table grading papers. "Transmuting Silver into Chocolate: The Vending Machine as a Source of Magic." She looks up for a moment but does not see him. Fastbinder runs up and down the stairs. The tails of his machine-fitted suit flap excitedly.

Fifteen full minutes in front of the slot machine. The 1812 Overture, full blast. A Pepsi in each hand. Pockets bulging with chocolate. The rope slowly uncoiling at his feet. Grendal gnawing at the chair. Apples falling like tears.

And then, at last, the familiar tug.