Hello Card  -  Volume 14  -  Stuart Card Number 0  -  Thu, May 31, 1990 10:38 AM

Well, here I am on a beautiful late May day in Ohio going through the voice cards (more than a week late; yes, John I read your last voice card in issue 13 about not being late, but. . .), and I just wanted to say that issue thriteen strikes me as being the most brilliant issue of Archipelago ever. John seems to be especailly shining in his responses these days, as do the contributions from our two newest members, Drury and Suzanne. Good job all!

I would also like to give a hardy Archipelago welcome to Drury. A hello card seems a good place to do that. So, WELCOME DRURY! and Hello! !!!!

P.S. John: Thank you for the care package you sent me so that I could replace some of the stuff (Archipelago and otherwise) that I foolishly erased from my hard disk (for the rest of you, see last issue's hello card for the grim story). John, I'm very grateful to you for taking the time to do that. A thank you gift will be on the way to you in a few weeks .

(I realize that this is a rather miscellaneous hello card, but it's heartfelt all the same). Be well and happy, all you good folk in Archipelagoland.