Hello Card  -  Volume 15  -  Roger Card Number 0  -  Wed, Jul 18, 1990 11:09 PM

Greetings Archipellagoans!

Its been a hot summer, so far, in California. Great for growing tomatoes but not too comfortable in the middle of the day.

John's sister's wedding can only be described as a fantasy wedding. Set at the base of the Sawtooth mountains, about twenty miles more or less north of Sun Valley in a rustic Mountain Lodge. A real fantasy location.

We spent three days in the lodges while we got ready for the wedding. Great food and fine recreation. The bride looked great. The wedding seemed to go smoothly.

As an example of how smoothly things went, the bride had a batchelor(ess) party at the hotsprings pool in the evening before the wedding. The groom, best man and etc. crashed the party without even the horseplay of hiding the bride and bridesmaids clothes.

John and I now have a bet about the future ease of spoken input to a computer. When John explains the bet, I'd like to see which way all of you think the bet will end.

Since it's now Monday, July 23, I better get these disks back to John