More Monkey Boy

Voice Card  -  Volume 15  -  Stuart Card Number 5  -  Wed, Jul 18, 1990 9:08 PM

For this issue's poem, we return to one of the stalwart character of the Body Bestiary, the Monkey Boy. This poem is in his voice and is pretty much just an expression of his love for the girl on whom he has a wicked crush, Felicia.

The poem is entitled "Why, When Some See Beauty, Some Don't: Monkey Boy and the Fox." (To get the full effect, enlarge the voice card box to full screen, please.)


Like I give Felisha grubs in a kleenex.
Like at lunch I play solos, and these sheep people
Say, 'Where's your guitar?'; they don't even realize Hendrix;
Like I point where I sit in this sunlight pool
And they say, 'Yeah'; man like it's weird in nighttime,
Felisha's father comes, and I'm in this tree,
Watching his daughter undress in the comforts of home;
Like it's different in jungles -- flowers will be
Spring crazy, and animals want each other
And they just do it; like on my motorcycle
My arm hangs, scrapes the yellow line, and there's
These sparks and this beauty, man: 'cause bloody knuckles
Plowing concrete for Hendrix's vision, my foxy lady,
Don't mean nothing when you're making beauty. . ."