Within a Rainbowed Sea

Book Card  -  Volume 16  -  Book Review Number 1  -  Wed, Aug 22, 1990 9:24 PM

TITLE: Within a Rainbowed Sea
AUTHOR: Christopher Newbert
PUBLISHER: Beyond Worlds Publ. Co.

This would at first appear to be a common coffee table book, but just open the cover and your eyes are exposed to some of the most wonderful pictures. The book is a visual poem.

Mr. Newbert has taken the most fascinating pictures of watery creatures. He then sporatically adds some of his own thoughts and feelings in prose. The combination is stunning.

This book has won several awards (best book, gold metal for photography, the White House Presidential Gift of State) which it richly deserves.

I stumbled upon the book when visiting a display of Mr. Newbert's photographs at the Steinhart Aquarium. I almost forgot to look at the real aquatic denizens!