Bush Library

Voice Card  -  Volume 16  -  Paul Card Number 17  -  Wed, Aug 8, 1990 11:31 PM

User-Friendly Presidential Library

Even though he has been in office less than two years, George Bush is already considering plans for his presidential library. And Compaq Computer Corp. Chief Executive Joseph Canion wants to help.

Canion and other prominent Texans recently visited the White House to persuade the President to situate the library in Houston, Bush's former home and Compaq's headquarters. Canion also proposed that Bush use computers to store images of his papers and memorabilia. That way, documents could be searched quickly and viewed on computer screens located inside or outside the library.

To get his point across, Canion's staff set up a computer at the White House to show Bush drawings of the proposed building and still photographs of the Bush family from the 1950s, all on the computer screen. At first, Compaq officials report, the president seemed shy of Compaq's pitch, but then he warmed up. The president, meanwhile, is still undecided on the library site.

{Business Week July 9, 1990}