Hello Card  -  Volume 16  -  Stuart Card Number 0  -  Sat, Aug 25, 1990 3:15 PM

Well, it's been a wonderful summer here at the eastern outpost of Archipelagoland. But I sense the leaves slowly beginning to turn. Though I have another 3 1/2 weeks before classes start at OSU, I am beginning, like some huge dim-witted sloth, to crawl out of my lair of restfullness and peace and am beginning to prepare for the coming year of classes.

This fall I teach a course I've never taught before, one of those one-thousand-years-of-English Literature-crammed-into-ten weeks survey courses. Trying to construct a syllabus for such a beast, I feel like a character in an Ionesco play, totally absurd.

Still, it's fun. And I've enjoyed taking some time out from prepping for this course, having anxiety attacks about prepping, proscratinating from prepping, trying to write, taking walks, lifting weighs, and loving Kathy to peruse the latest issue of Archipelago. It's terrific.

Hugs and Kisses all around.

I love you all. Chaio, for now.