Back again

Voice Card  -  Volume 17  -  Drury Card Number 26  -  Thu, Nov 15, 1990 10:08 PM

This is a response to Vol 16 Suzanne 12 ("Backs")...

Thank you. Should it happen again especially now that I have started my workouts, I may need to visit a chiropractor.

Actually there is a simple explanation and a treatment. Return to aerobics. The majority of lower back problems are because of weak abdominal muscles. The back gets part of its support from the abdominal muscles, especially during activity. Because I had not been doing any sort of physical activity for a couple of months (and I mean NOTHING - no walking, no housework, no nothing), I became more susceptible to back injuries.

Upon my return to the health club, I have noticed a major improvement with posture and a firming of the old abs. (For anyone who is interested, I do low impact and interval training with an unfortunately infrequent dip in the lap pool.)

For those of you doing yoga, many of those "excercises" strengthen the abdominal muscles. That's why you never hear of a yogi with back problems!