My Gifts

Voice Card  -  Volume 17  -  Drury Card Number 29  -  Thu, Nov 15, 1990 11:19 PM


The After Dark is a screen saver. I "borrowed" it from work. I really like the fish display! All one does, is drop the two files into the systems folder and play with the adjustments via the control panel.

The other gift is a banner program. It is not very interesting but does make a simple banner.

Are any of our Archipelagons using the 4th Dimension Database program?


[Editor's note: I did not ship the After Dark folder with this issue because 1) it is a commercial program and we really should stick to shareware and 2) it's HUGE and I didn't have room. It is an excellent program and is also reasonably priced. If anyone speaks up I will try to send enough of the package to give you a taste next time.]