Wow, I did not know

Voice Card  -  Volume 17  -  Drury Card Number 5  -  Mon, Nov 12, 1990 1:23 PM

This is ONE OF 3 responses to Vol 16 John 4 ("Save the NEA")...

Thank you for bringing this important piece of political action to attention. I had no idea people were still trying to regulate and limit our freedoms of expression.

During one of my rare television viewing sessions, I watched a very interesting piece on European advertising. My, my, they have some very sexual, provocative TV ads. I remember thinking, 'so how do kids in Europe handle seeing this'. Is it really such a big deal?

Speaking about politics and regulations, did you know that all our hard-won protection for wildlife habitats will probably go up in smoke if we go to war? With rising gas prices comes drilling on protected lands. Who is going to be able to save some endangered species from a human population screaming about gas prices? Who will care that there has been a severe reduction in the amphibian and songbird populations already? Some field researchers are coming back with some very frightening findings about these losses.

Given my overactive imagination, I wonder if these signs of continued environmental destruction have anything to do with the emerging human disease, chronic fatique syndrome. Exposure to toxins can play havoc with a biologics' immune system. How would you like to be one of the San Francisco Bay's clams with the highest levels of silver known to science in your tissues? Or one of the thirty percent of English sole in Puget Sound with liver cancer?

By the way, I hope our new Archipelagan child will be using cloth diapers. It turns out to be cheaper to use cloth diapers, anyway. Given about eight diaper changes per day for a period of 30 months; diapers cleaned via a diaper service will cost about $975 (each diaper can be used 150 times), disposable diapers will run $1533 (average cost of 21 cents per diaper), and cloth diapers cleaned at home will cost $284!

(Taken from the book, The Green Consumer, Penguin Books, 1990.)