Improved Card Referencing

Voice Card  -  Volume 17  -  John Card Number 21  -  Sat, Dec 8, 1990 3:20 AM

I have taken advantage of some of the new features of HyperCard 2.0 to create a much improved method of in-text card referencing.

This is an in-text card reference:

See VC 10 Suzanne 2.

Whenever you see a card title with a gray underline, you can click anywhere on the title while pressing the command () key to jump directly to that card. Upon arriving at the card you can option click the return arrow to pop back again. Just one click is all it takes. Command Click on the above reference to reread Suzanne's classic Bowling card back in volume ten.

How do you create such references? Simply travel back to the card you wish to refer to and click it's masthead (the line underneath the title with the creation date). The masthead will blink. Then return to your new voice card, click in the place you wish to insert the reference, and type the TAB key.

This feature may serve as a partial alternative to Paul's dream of distant linking (See VC 3 Paul 11).