Hello Card  -  Volume 17  -  Paul Card Number 0  -  Sun, Nov 11, 1990 1:50 PM

[Editor's note: In October Paul took his nephew on a trip through France. The last time he visited Europe, his house burned down!]

Well, Europe has come and gone, and the good news is that this time I didn't return to a burnt-down house. Somehow events have conspired to distract me from writing a complete trip report, so here's my thumbnail review:

Europe was very pretty but very wet. None of the French were rude to me, despite my complete lack of grasp of the language. Due to the rain and hotel closures, we abandoned our plans of hiking through the Massif Central region of France, and instead spent most of our time with my parents in Northern Italy (indoors). Italian food recommendations: the pizza, olives, gelatto, and prosciutto.

Now, after a three month hiatus from business travel, I'm rushing to prepare for a trip to Massachussetts. See you next time.