Some Bugs

Voice Card  -  Volume 17  -  Roger Card Number 1  -  Wed, Nov 14, 1990 4:48 PM

I seem to be having troubles getting this program to work but after a lot of trials this worked.

The first bug that I found was the message Palatino24 font was missing. I looked all over the various disks to see if I could find that font but was unable to find it. Hopefully it is there on some of the other disks you got with HyperCard 2.0

I tried to make a Hello card from the make contribution button, followed by "provide new opening message." It went through the process but before opening to the "contributions" card a message came up saying that it couldn't find a "Say Hello" button and I was left at the general voice card index card.

So I was unable to come up with a hello card. Fortunately the hello card could be made by another means.