Voice Card  -  Volume 18  -  Drury Card Number 18  -  Mon, Jan 7, 1991 3:23 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 17 John 1 ("Suggestion Box")...

I don't know if these are bugs, but I will try to describe what is happening and you can speculate as to the cause.

1) I experienced difficulty placing Voices 17 onto my hard disk. I could get the rest of the items on the floppies to my disk, but not Voices 17 until the third try (the machine kept telling me I didn't have enough room and I had PLENTY of room on my hard disk!). Then when I tried to launch Archipelago, it couldn't read Voices 17. I could open Voices 17 only on the floppy disk, not the copy on my hard disk. So I trashed the hard disk copy, replaced it with the floppy copy (with no problems), and reopened. It Worked!

2) I experienced a similar problem with "Build a Calculator". It would not access from your card. The copy on my hard disk would not open (claimed it wasn't a hypercard stack). I could open the copy on the floppy, but this copy could not return to your card. So, again, I trashed the hard disk copy, recopied from the floppy, and the darn thing works perfectly now.

3) My Voices 17 does not connect to the rest of the Voice Volumes. I followed Paul's response to Larry about the lettuce vs parsley discussion. Then I tried to go to my response (since I forgot what I had written) by hitting the DruBird icon and nothing happened! The icon clicked but I was not transported to Voices 17. Actually even from the game board I am unable to access Voices 17 unless I hit the Voices or Preface Buttons. Clicking the icons ships me to Voices 16.