New Member Cards - TA DA!

Voice Card  -  Volume 18  -  John Card Number 23  -  Mon, Feb 18, 1991 10:07 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to VC 18 Drury 4 ("Why does it do this?")...

Drury (and everyone):

The same construction delays that foiled the Gift Card Archive button last time also upset the member icons on the top row of the main monopoly board screen. My intention was to link those buttons to the new-fangled redesigned member cards (only they weren't ready last time). But they're ready now!

The first big announcement is that you can now TOSS your old member list stack. It's obsolete! Get rid of it! The NEW IMPROVED member cards are concealed inside your "My Contribution" transit stacks. In this way, the cards will be automatically updated with each new issue.

There are several ways to view these cards, the most obvious method being to CLICK ON THE MEMBER ICONS AT THE TOP OF THE MAIN MONOPOLY BOARD SCREEN. This provides a quick and easy way of finding anyone's address.

Another method is to click on the member icon in the upper right corner of ANY voice card. The first time you do this you will be whisked to that member's Hello card at the beginning of his/her section of cards. This is a handy little shortcut in and of itself. Now then, if you click on the same icon FROM THE HELLO CARD, you will jump to that member's member card. TRY IT NOW!

As you can see, the new format is similar to the standard voice card design, but with several exotic twists. You may notice that the marker star on the world map sometimes blinks at you; you can start and stop the blinking by moving in and out of any buttons and text fields on the card.

Unlike the old system, the new design stores all the information on a single card. Phone numbers and birthday appear to the left, address to the right. If you push the Information button below the address card, a hidden field will appear with some background information (please check to see that this is still up to date). The same information button (which now reads "Address") will restore the address card.

If you ever need to update any of the information on your member card, just jump to the card and make your changes. All changes will be automatically included in the next issue. Although the system will allow you to fiddle with other member's cards, only changes to your own card will be transmitted.

If you click on either of the telephone icons, you can have your Mac dial the numbers for you using either the speaker or a modem. If you click on the large member icon in the upper right corner, you will pop back to wherever you were before entering the member cards.

Be sure and let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements to this new card design. Bon Apetite!