Voice Card  -  Volume 18  -  John Card Number 25  -  Mon, Feb 18, 1991 10:52 PM

This is a response to VC 18 Stuart 2 ("Glitches?")...


Actually, there were several glitches in the last issue that combined to confuse everyone.

First, there was that particularly nasty bug in the reply routines that forced me to call all of you. As I explained in an earlier card, the patch I gave you all over the phone disabled a feature which in turn left several of you wondering where your reply box icons got off to. That problem has now been fixed (I hope!)

Second, I accidentally miswired the Voices button on the Monopoly Board main screen so that it went to preface card instead of the index card. A small bug, but enough to disorient several of you. You should now find that the preface button will take you to the preface and the index button will take you to the index.

Third, I was in such a hurry the morning I shipped the packets last time that I forgot to ship VOLUME 16! Several of you noticed that the volume 16 index did not link to the volume 17 index, and the reply icons in volume 16 were missing. This is because you were looking at the old copy of volume 16 instead of the updated re-release. Therefore I am shipping volumes 18, 17, AND 16 this time and that should correct the problem.

Sorry about all the confusion. I'll try to do better this time out!