Babywatch - Week 31

Voice Card  -  Volume 18  -  Larry Card Number 5  -  Sat, Jan 26, 1991 10:07 PM

Nine weeks and counting before the baby comes - and the counting goes slower and slower as the days go by.

Significant events in the past couple of months are as follows:

Diane swears she's going to have a horse - she feels SO BIG. Plus the baby is very active, so she feels pummelled from the inside all the time. However, our most recent ultrasound (at 30 weeks) indicates the baby is right at average sizewise. Now Diane believes that her uterus is very large. This allows the baby a lot of room to really windup before he/she jams a foot or fist into her midsection.

Based on the baby's heartrate, we think we are having a girl. Apparently if the heart rate is above 140 beats a minute it's a girl, and below 140 a boy. The most recent doctor's appointment put the heartrate at 148 (not a clear indicator but leaning in the female direction). Additionally, Diane just feels that the baby is girl.

We have started Lamaze class. Both sessions so far have been real snoozers. It's probably because we have done so much reading about pregnancy and child birth - they just aren't telling us anything that we don't already know. Hopefully it will get better. I think the primary purpose for the classes is to make expectant parents more at ease with the prospect of labor and delivery. We see a lot of films of labor and babies being born. Hopefully, the breathing exercises we're learning will be helpful. However, Diane is still considering hypnosis during labor.

On the name front, we have been focussing on girls names. So far Kristen Nicole and Kristen Alexa are leading the pack. Christopher Alexander and Nicholas Alexander are potentials for a boy (sorry John, Napolean Solo hasn't made the final cut).