Voice Card  -  Volume 18  -  Paul Card Number 2  -  Sun, Dec 30, 1990 6:11 PM

This is a response to VC 17 Drury 20 ("No Worries")...

It's already in there, more-or less. Drury is listed as an obsolete variant of Druery, which is also listed as obsolete. Briefly, the definition is:

  1. Love, especially sexual love, love-making, courtship; often, illicit love, amour.
  2. A love-token, keepsake, gift, present.
  3. A beloved person, 'love', sweetheart.
  4. A beloved, prized, or precious thing, a treasure.
I see no reference to Thrudheri or Roueray, mentioned in your very first HELLO card.