Hello Card  -  Volume 18  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Tue, Jan 15, 1991 7:41 PM

As it has been for the last two years, our mid-winter issue of Archipelago was a long time coming. Most of you were laid low by some kind of flu and/or seige of relatives. And my editorial chores have proceeded at an even slower pace than usual for no particular reason. But I am of the opinion that this issue is worth the wait and may even be one of our best to date.

First of all, our new member has FINALLY made an appearance, however brief. And we have a wide assortment of gifts and features.

Larry has contributed a book review, Stuart is back with another Bestiary poem, and I am offering another tree card and a seriously nifty installment of Mr. Wizard. We have no less than SIX gift cards under our tree and quite a nice selection in this issue's Sound-of-the-Month Club. Thanks to everyone for the contributions!

Archipelago 2.0 renovation marches on with TWO new archive stacks and a new format for the member cards. I believe I have swatted all the nasty bugs that plagued our last issue, and, since I forgot to do it last time, I am re-releasing volume 16 (along with 17 and 18). I have acquired an update for HyperCard, but I haven't gotten around to looking at it yet (it's fairly minor). So next time I'll probably be shipping another HyperCard upgrade.

It is subscription time again, so please get out your wallets. The new postal rates and all the extra disks I've had to ship lately have taken their toll.

We have quite a few interesting conversation trees sprouting at the moment. I would like to call your special attention to the BEST VOICE CARD OF 1990 Contest. For rules and details see VC 18 John 5.

We also have some diverse opinions about the War in the Gulf (five or six opinions in my card alone!). Let's keep talking about that and about the future of Archipelago. My new modem has given me new insights into the shape of things to come, but I'm learning that there's a lot to be said for our current arrangement.

We have a number of birthdays coming up: Roger's on February 26, Paul's on March 10, and Drury's on March 17. Happy Birthday!

In closing, I think I speak for us all in wishing Larry and Diane all the best in their new parenting adventures. Your packets are due at about the same time as baby Shirey; I trust the delivery in both cases will be prompt and uneventful. If all goes well issue 19 should carry news of the blessed event. Good luck Larry and Diane! Here's to a bountiful Spring!