Dr. Cyclops by Will Garth

Voice Card  -  Volume 18  -  Robert Card Number 1  -  Tue, Jan 29, 1991 9:45 AM

This is a response to VC 17 John 14 ("Dr. Cyclops")...


Yes I do have the copy of Dr. Cyclops that you mentioned. There is another copy that I have that you might find of interest though.

DR. CYCLOPS by Will Garth First published 1940 Centaur Books edition 1976

It turns out that Kuttner first published this story under the pseudonym of Will Garth, not that that in itself is very strange. But the original publication is 155 pages long, instead of the 38 in the Popular Library edition. The only other odd note about this story, is that it is the only one of that I am aware of that was turned into a movie. You will be able to find a copy in the SCI FI section of a good video store.