Small Insect

Voice Card  -  Volume 18  -  Robert Card Number 4  -  Tue, Jan 29, 1991 2:47 PM


While I was rereading a card in volume 16, I tried to return to volume 17 via the "Next Volume Button" in the Voice Card section.

The button unfortunately does not seem to work between these two Volumes, but does work from Volume 15 to Volume 16. ¿What gives?

Just noticed a small insect. When I was reading one of Pauls cards "Yes We Want It" and I then selected the button on the left that indicated that John had made a reply to this card. I was transported to the appropriate card "Ebb and Flow", now this is not in itself unusual, because this is the way it is supposed to work. What intrigues me is that when I finally got down to the "Ebb and Flow" card in the Voice's section it did not have a check mark by it. The only other bit of information I can give you is that after reading "Ebb and Flow" I did make a response card.

The "Mr. Wizard" button does not appear to work on the Monopoly board.