Hello Card  -  Volume 18  -  Roger Card Number 0  -  Mon, Jan 21, 1991 1:34 AM

Greetings from Alameda.

Sorry to be so late in getting in my cards. I got envolved in the rush to get started with the new tax season and put everything else aside. However we had some letup and I got a chance to add a few cards.

So far we haven't had enough rain. The neighbors have given in and taken out their lawns, replacing it with redwood chips and/or concrete and I guess we will also do it.

I am taking a break from learning C for the Mac because of the work for H&R Block. It will last until April 15th and then I can get back to the C.

RoseAnne and I are doing fine and RoseAnne is commenting that she will read and maybe add a voice card or two. (That is not a promise, more of a tentative maybe.)