Ionesco reiterated

Voice Card  -  Volume 18  -  Stuart Card Number 4  -  Sun, Jan 13, 1991 5:52 PM

This is a response to VC 17 Drury 7 ("Huh?")...


I had a long and, now that I remember it, pedantic response to your query regarding Ionesco, but I lost it when trying to undue some words that I had inadvertently highlighted in boldface type (I have to remind myself that I am not writing in Microsoft Word).

So I'll just say that Eugene Ionesco was a French playwright who mainly wrote in the first half of our century (his exact dates escape me). He is known for creating a type of theater called "Theater of the Absurd." This is a theater in which the characters find themselves in absurd settings, or in normal settings doing absurd things, such as looking for a rhinoceros in the middle of a city.

Where I got pedantic in my last lost explanation was in the explanation behind all this absurdity. If you want this explanation I'll be happy to try to comply. If you don't want, that's fine, too.

But don't worry, Drury, I don't understand a lot of the stuff you say. Like, what's a killfish?